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My name is Nick Marzullo and I am a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer currently residing in western Massachusetts. I consider myself a music generalist, being able to perform in various live and studio capacities as a bassist and guitarist, in addition to the composition and production of professional works and songs for multimedia use.

After nearly a decade of diligent practice honing my skills, I decided that I wanted to turn my passion into my life. I have studied with notable professional bassists and instructors, such as Evan Marien, Dr. Steve Freides, and others to further improve my musicianship. Becoming a versatile musician has always been my goal and I am constantly seeking to expand the breadth and depth of my musical knowledge and abilities.


Aftershock 2022 Wedding & Corporate Event Promo Video

Aftershock 2022 Wedding & Corporate Event Promo Video

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